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16th January 2019

Happy New Year to Everyone. The Gathering Memories Project is coming to an end. http://www.gatheringmemoriesuk.wordpress.com

Its now Worldwide and has been very successful.

My entry sold at the Silent Auction.

‘Up the Tree’ Elizabeth Saunders 2018

11th August 2018.

I can’t believe how busy we have been with the Gathering Memories Project. We had 159 pieces of Memory Artwork returned. The exhibition at Basingstoke has taken place with the Silent Auction going well. he Exhibition has now moved to Southampton Art Gallery until 30th September where wee will look at the bids and be in touch with the Highest Bidders. All monies raised are for the Alzheimers Society. Hoping to see some of you at Southampton. Bids can be done through the Exhibition and website http://www.gatheringmemoriesuk.wordpress.com

This has taken time out of my own development of work but hopefully I will be able to link back in soon. I have created the Letter in Mind again for 2018. This will be exhibited at the Oxo Art Gallery in September.

15th May 2018

For the last year or more I have been very involved with the community project ‘Gathering Memories’ which is raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.  My role is Chairperson for the Project and I manage the Facebook Page. The project has been very successful with many People participating from Europe. The Exhibitions begin on the 30th June until the end of September with a silent auction. Further information and the chance to see some beautiful textile artwork can be seen at: http://www.gatheringmemoriesuk.wordpress.com

Belonging to the Textile Group Visual Marks, I am creating work for two exhibitions to be held later this  year.

March 20th 2017

How time flies ! I love creating and find computers don’t always fit into my life easily so apologies for the delay in adding to my blog.

Very exciting the ‘Gathering Memories’ project has been launched. As we move into the 4th week of the launch 100 kits have already been sold. Please check out the site. http://www.gatheringmemoriesuk.wordpress.com.  Kits are available for a minimum donation of £5. Please contact the website.  All finances raised are in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. You will have until the 31st March to return your work if you wish to donate it back to the Society for further fund raising.

December 26th 2016

I find working on the website difficult as I would rather be creating work, so it has been a while since I wrote on my site.

Thank you to everyone who has visited over the past year and any kind comments. and has taken quite a lot of time. Several Exhibitions have been undertaken and Visual Marks  Textile Group is moving into its 5th year with good success.

The Gathering Memories Project has been received very well and continues into 2017 with all funds raised going to the Alzheimer’s Society.

A new piece of work was created for ‘Letter in Mind’ to be sold for the Neurological Association.

A Sense of Place


June 12th 2016

The tablecloth has been completed and is part of todays event celebrating the 20th Birthday of ‘The Point’ in Eastleigh Hampshire. I am really pleased with the process and the completed piece.


Adding the second gold figure.
Beginning to stitch. Taken from my drawings.
Back of cloth
Free machine stitching.

May 30th 2016

Several years have passed since I retired from my Nursing career due to my health. A great deal has happened since then. Regrettably I lost my previous website to malware which lost all of my happenings since completing my degree.

I have now got my website up and running again and will aim to post more regularly.

I continue to develop ideas within my limitations but find motivation in working from memories and journeys from past and present life.

I  create pieces of textile/mixed media work linked to ideas that offer stimulation from my past career to my present life.

I am at present looking at lines within an abstract concept. How lines integrate with journeys and in turn create their own memory embedding  into the fabric that I am working on. This may be paper or fabric. Manipulated or created.

I am working on an exciting new concept with ‘Gathered Memories’ re-creating it into a new project which will be charitable and involve community participants. Watch this space.

Gathered Memories on Tour at Ashcroft Arts Gallery, Fareham, Hampshire.